Game Development

Conway's Game of Life

I (/who/astynax) came to programming with a strong desire to make my own games! First games were made using BASIC, some bits of ASCII art and primitive graphics. But it was pure fun!

And I wasn’t changed a lot during all these years: I still love to make a simple game and drop it unfinished :) I just love the process! One “game” I remade from time to time is Conway’s Game of Life: I implemented it about twenty times :)

I like to play with some old-school stuff like Pico-8 (a fantasy video game console) and even have a GameShell with Pico-8 installed. That sort of minimalism amuses me a lot! I made some games with /Elm and /Haskell. Also, I want someday to make a game using /Rust: I like the language plus it has a couple of GameDev libraries.

Pico-8 demo