Each Tilde is a small community built around a single multi-user machine, usually running a Unix-like OS.

Any member of the community has SSH access to its /home/~username and can build there a site, personal page, such stuff. For you server has a bunch of compilers and interpreters installed aside with popular editors (/Emacs, /Vim) and version control systems (/Git, /Mercurial). You may think about it as a shared sandbox.

The server itself usually provides

  • intranet email (sort of)
  • local-only IRC chat
  • local bulletin board (BBS)
  • multi-user games (MUD)
  • PasteBin-like service


Tildeverse logo

Tildeverse tries to be a hub for all the tildes around the World. It will be your starting point to choose a server and request the invitation. Yep, almost any Tilde register newcomers through the good-old emails :)


Just for fun! If you as me myself (/who/astynax) was not involved in the world of shared machines you can fill such a gap in the experience and try to “live” inside a small machine with very limited resources!

You can my tilde here: tilde.town/~astynax