Astynax's setup (OS, apps, etc)


For many years the /Linux is my main OS. On physical machines, I prefer the Ubuntu Linux because “it just works”. And I’m pretty happy with it. Yes, sometimes I am adding some PPA’s or Snap packages, but I’m ready to pay this price.

Desktop Environment

Just the XFCE with the /i3 as a Window Manager. Most of the interactions with the OS I am doing with on-screen menus those I made myself with /Rofi and some /Python-scripting (with my own pyrofi library). This setup is equally good for small laptop screens as for multi-display configurations.


I use /GNU Bash (more under the link).

Developer’s Tools

I use /asdf to manage the languages I write in. It is just a time-saver: I don’t need to remember how to use each of the version managers, how to update the stuff.

I use /Docker from time to time, but I prefer to not mix it with any orchestration tools, even with docker-compose: /GNU Make is just enough to me for now.

Also, I started a migration to the /Nix (package manager) and now I use it to install /Rofi, rq/ripgrep/bat/.. (see /Rust powered tools). It is pretty neat to be able to describe an entire package configuration with a single file!

Programming Languages

/Haskell, /Rust, /Elm, /Clojure, /Racket, /Python. Most of them I have installed with /asdf or its own version managers.

The One Editor (to rule them all)

I love the GNU /Emacs. I’m not using it as OS (yet?), but Emacs is my IDE, note-taking app, GTD app (I’m not so into GTD, actually). An entire editor’s ecosystem I did configure myself without Spacemacs, DooM Emacs, or any other “build”.

Actually, I am using /Vim for quick and casual editing when I am working in the terminal. But I’m trying to switch to Emacs for such activities too…