Scheme is a sub-family on programming languages in the large Lisp family.


  • /Racket, a modern language that extends the good old Scheme in various ways
  • Chicken Scheme, a portable and effective compiler for the Scheme language
  • Guile, “an extension language platform” and “and the official extension language of the GNU project”. Was used to make the Guix /Linux distribution. Here one can found many examples of Guile code
  • Kawa, an extension of the R7RS standard of the Scheme language. Runs on JVM and has nice interoperability with the Java itself
  • Biwa, a small implementation written in JavaScript. Runs inside the web browser, i.e. there is no transpilation!
  • Lips.JS, a “powerful Scheme based lisp interpreter written in JavaScript” (yep, another one)