Rust is a modern system programming. Here are some /Rust powered tools and some software for the /Gemini (protocol).

To have Rust installed one can use the rustup tool. It is a version manager for the compiler toolchain.


Notable crates

  • Tokio, “an asynchronous runtime for the Rust”
  • hyper, “a fast HTTP implementation written in and for Rust”
  • bevy, “A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust” (/gamedev)
  • miette, " Fancy upgrade to std::error::Error"
  • egui, “an easy-to-use immediate mode /GUI in pure Rust”, can run in /WASM/WebGL capable Web-browser
  • xshell, a “set of cross-platform utilities for writing cross-platform and ergonomic ‘bash’ scripts”