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Haskell is a pure-/FP language I (/who/astynax) really like and use in my projects. I write Haskell in the /Emacs or just use the REPL.

How to get and use

I use ghcup to get the GHC compiler itself, the Haskell Language Server, the Cabal tool.

Sometimes HLS wants you to do some preparation if you are planning to use it with your projects. Usually, all you need is hie.yaml containing this “cradle: {cabal: {}}”. For more info go to docs for hie-bios.

In the past, I preferred the Stack tool but nowadays I’m glad to use the Cabal. Someday, I may adopt the /Nix (package manager) as a more predictable alternative/companion for Cabal. Stack, Cabal & Nix are able to run /Haskell/scripts

Parsing & stuff

The ML-like languages are very good for parsing and text processing. A bunch of languages like /Elm, /PureScript, Agda are implemented in Haskell. Some languages are using parser combinators (Parsec, Megaparsec), other ones are using /alex and happy.

Notable packages



Haskell powered software

Need to try

  • “sydtest”, “A modern testing framework for Haskell with good defaults and advanced testing features”

Projects of mine

(notable ones :))