Gemini (protocol)

The protocol

Gemini is an alternative internet protocol. It looks a lot like a modern Gopher but

  • enforces TLS
  • has its own text/gemini media type (also the line-oriented as Gopher text)
  • supports other MIME-types (images for example)

The full specification is available here (mirror in Gemini: gemini:// (or via HTTP-proxy).


gemini:// is an entry point to the Geminspace. To browse it you will need to have a Gemini client. But you can open any gemini:// address within a Web-browser using some proxy server like this or that.

Alternatively, one can take a look to the site. It is the ultimate entry-point to the protocol: “why”, “where”, “how to” on a single page!

Here are some clients:

Many pieces of Gemini-related software are listed here. Also, one can always look at awesome-gemini repo.

Gemini text can be edited in /Emacs (see ox-gemini and gemini-mode. Also, Markdown can be converted to Gemini/text using md2gemini.

One can set up its own Gemini server and have a personal star in the Gemini constellation. Many of such servers can be found in this list or through the GUS (Gemini Universal Search).

Notable servers and server-side frameworks:


Many Gemini users have their own blogs - the “gemlogs”. Usually, gemlog looks like this or that - minimalistic but nice. Someday I also build one for myself!

Also, some people from the /Tildeverse create and host Gemini resources.

There is even a some kind of “blogging platforms” like flounder where you can register a profile and just write some posts. That posts will be accessible as from Gemini as from portal’s HTTP face.


It is just fun! And there are people’s thoughts:

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