GNU Bash

GNU Bash is a command shell for the /Linux (and other OSes).

I (/who/astynax) am still using Bash as my main (and only?) shell even after I tried /Zsh, fish and some the others. Bash looks like a “boring” choice but I just know well how to cook it. Though, I prefer do not write bash-scripts: I just use /Python or /Haskell//Turtle (library) instead.

There are many ways to make bash fancier and add mode modern features. But I prefer to add only things I will use daily. Here I listed a couple of such things.


/Starship it is a way to get a powerful and informative prompt (PS1) and don’t write a pile of bash-scripts.


This ok-bash somehow looks just like a replacement for the /GNU Make that I’m using already. But actually, I use ok “just for me” and Make “for the people”: the former one helps me to remember long commands and the latter one does the heavy-lifting (project building mostly).


fzf just makes an auto-completion work quick, fast, and file-system-wide.