GNU Emacs

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I (/who/astynax) use GNU Emacs for anything, it is “the true one editor” for me: programming, note-taking, GTD, Web-bookmarks - Emacs helps me doing it. The main reason to use Emacs is its extensibility and the ability to bend an editor to the shape I like and find comfortable. Someone tweaks her bike or a car buys and replaces some old parts with new ones. I am doing the same with my editor and I like this process! :)

My configuration

You can find it here with other /dotfiles.


The capstone of my config is the use-package: this package configures all other packages and even downloads them if some of it isn’t present in the system.

Org mode

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The Org mode - the main (and even the only for someone) reason to use Emacs. It is an IDE for notes, TODOs, agendas, contacts, writing, research. If I need to produce a good portion of text I am writing it in Org and then export it into the target format (Markdown, HTML, etc).

Org babel I use to do some /Literate programming or just to play with some HTTP APIs. For the later task I use restlient.el+ob-restclient.el.

Working with projects

projectile - adds a project level to your buffers


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Magit is the ultimate way to do /Git and to learn it in the process. Just a must-have.

Some great resources about Magit:


Yep, sometimes you need to debug your config. There are two ways:

  1. (setq debug-on-error t) at the beginning of your .emacs
  2. -debug-init in command line

Also, you can edit the config using “quick mode”: emacs -q .emacs or emacs -Q .emacs. Or you can just use /Vim: vim .emacs ;)