Elm is a small pure FP language I (/who/astynax) use to build the Web stuff. It compiles to JavaScript so I don’t need to write JS myself - such a relief!

Also, Elm is self-contained: it has its packaging system and compiler, no WebPack is needed. You are just writing a single file, call elm make, and getting the good old standalone HTML page!

The language itself has a built-in framework, The Elm Architecture, that is very easy to learn and use. “Batteries included”, you know! There are many libraries to use in Web UIs. I even made one by myself - it is weird but pretty usable though.


Elm powered stuff

Here some stuff I have built

  • Hekoish Watch - a fullscreen watch (the cryptic one, actually). Live demo
  • /PixCell - a simplistic old-school Pixel Art editor

Notable libraries

  • mdgriffith/elm-ui - a rich WebGUI “toolkit”
  • timjs/elm-collage - composable graphics library (I used it in my Hekoish Watch)
  • elm/file makes it possible to download or upload a file using the web browser, works with text and binary files
  • justgook/elm-image is able to manipulate the raster images (.png!) and convert them to/from BASE64 or just bytes