Elixir is a functional (more like /FP-first for me) language running on the BEAM (Erlang’s VM). One may think about Elixir as “Ruby on BEAM” especially if one knows about the Phoenix framework. The language itself is dynamically typed but there is an opportunity for static analysis using Erlang’s dialyzer through dialyxir.


  • Hex.pm, a package repository for Erlang/Elixir
  • Nerves Platform, “the open-source platform and infrastructure you need to build, deploy, and securely manage your fleet of IoT devices at speed and scale.”. Yep, suitable for /DIY/electronics and even for LEGO (EV3 via nerves_system_ev3)

How to

I (/who/astynax) install Erlang & Elixir with /asdf:

  1. Erlang

    $ asdf plugin-add erlang
    $ asdf plugin-add elixir
    $ asdf install erlang 23.2.1
    $ asdf global erlang 23.2.1
  2. Elixir itself

    $ # this may speed the installation up
    $ export KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--disable-debug --without-javac"
    $ asdf install elixir 1.11.3-otp-23
    $ asdf global elixir 1.11.3-otp-23


Here otp-23 means what you want to install Elixir with the support of OTP v23 (see erlang 23.2.1 above).